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Construction series · Blohm & Voss

Overpainted photography – Propeller

Overpainted photography – Elisa

Overpainted photography – Dock 17

Overpainted photography – Dock 10




Photography: Astor Milan Salcedo

Blohm & Voss Shipyard – Construction series
Overpainted photographs
Each 130 x 90 cm, White frame 140 x 100 cm

Construction – the purest visible form of human evolution.
Every construction serves a purpose that in its core use is mostly practical – a house to have a shelter, an automobile to move forward or a vessel to travel on water.
But it is here where the human being shows its full potential. The aim is not just to serve the need but also to create something that lasting. Every new construction demands improvement and therefore to surpass and excel our prior creations. It takes great minds to work together to achieve a common goal – irrelevant of nationality, race or background. Construction shows the mental capability of human kind and shapes the vision of who we are. It comes to no surprising that war, the opposite of evolution, aims at destroying and diminishing our accomplishments. In time of flourishment we construct and reach never thought magnitudes in sizes and technical innovations.

Construction makes the invisible – visible.