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SONO · green | light blue


SONO · green | light blue
130 x 120 cm · oil on unprimed linen

At first glance Astor Milan Salcedo’s abstract works can seem difficult to decipher much like Mark Rothko’s Colour Field paintings. From the large blocks of floating colours to the cascading flow of brilliant pigments, it can seem difficult to interpret what the artist is trying to convey, but as the title of the exhibition suggests, ‘Sono’ (meaning ‘I am’) , is a very personal collection of works that tap into Astor’s individual experiences over the last year.

Each piece has its conception in an individual emotion or expression and is Astor’s idiosyncratic attempt through colour and composition to bring these sentiments to life.
Whilst this collection is highly intimate, due to their non-representative nature the pieces also allow the viewer to personally interpret what they see as each painting is full of endless possibilities somewhat like the psychologists Rorschach test.