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Born in Spain to Columbian parents in 1969, Astor was surrounded by art and storytelling from a very young age, learning much from his father who was a renowned journalist. In the ’90s, Astor passionately pursued photography, teaching himself how to develop film, work in a darkroom and experiment with light. A prolific traveller, he immersed himself in different cultures, documenting what he saw.

 From photography, Astor embarked on a career in documentary filmmaking, winning a prestigious television award. All the while, he was working in his spare time on his own personal art, evolving his own inimitable style.

Today, Astor’s once part-time passion is his career, and he has held exhibitions across the globe. Based in beautiful Hamburg, when not painting, he is continuously absorbing beauty, ideas and stories from the world around him: books, museums, galleries, magazines, art shows, design shows. His unending curiosity inspires his work and pushes him to explore new narratives.