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Chromatophores exhibit #6


Chromatophores exhibit #6
170 x 150 x 6 cm
oil on canvas

Chromatophores – the art of adapting
Chromatophores are pigment-containing and light-reflecting cells found in amphibians, fish, reptiles, crustaceans, and cephalopods. They are largely responsible for generating skin and eye color in cold-blooded animals and are generated in the neural crest during embryonic development.
The primary function of the chromatophores is camouflage. Animals like squid, cuttlefish, and octopuses instinctively and without any proprioceptive change the color of their skin. These wonderful and completely astonishing changes in animals inspired Astor Milan Salcedo new series.
What seems so easy and effortless is very difficult for humans. Change, even though it can be frightening is a natural process and creates new perspectives and inspirations.